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FHIRSTARTER conference is the unique opportunity to dive deeply into the practical application
of the international HL7 FHIR standard (a new generation standard for exchange of medical information). Unlike many other heavy and academic standards, FHIR focuses on web technologies and practical feasibility.

Main Stage

The main program is delivered by the creators of FHIR® (in English) and supplemented with real FHIR® use cases from Russian experts.


Small, interactive connectathons offer an opportunity to work on the standard and its implementation together with members of the HL7 FHIR® core team!


Let's build useful software for healthcare on top of FHIR and Aidbox.
Prizes are waiting for winners.


We are preparing a new interesting program for the FHIRStarter 2019.
Meanwhile, you can check how it was in 2018.
FHIR Starter 2018: Recap of the first FHIR conference in Eastern Europe


If you are already using FHIR® standard, please contact us to become a speaker at one of our tracks: fs@health-samurai.io or fill the form below ;)

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We welcome all FHIR implementers!



Health Intersections Ltd, Australia
Grahame Grieve is the FHIR® Product Director at HL7 and a principal at Health Intersections Ltd. He is the inventor of FHIR® and project lead of the FHIR® Core Team. Grahame travels around the world giving lectures, guiding connectathons and advising governments, vendors and care providers about all aspects of interoperability. He was on the list of 15 Health IT Standards and Interoperability Rockstars to Know.


Chief Architect at Microsoft Healthcare
Joshua Mandel  is a physician and software engineer. He is passionate about improving healthcare with technology and especially interested in helping clinical systems benefit from the power and flexibility of Web technology. Josh is behind famous SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks standards and many other exciting projects.


CTO of Health Samurai
«FHIR database in action»
Nikolai Ryzhikov is the head of engineering at Health Samurai, a health IT company that has been developing custom solutions for healthcare clients since 2004. He is also the mastermind behind Aidbox, the first commercial FHIR backend platform that went to market in the United States. Nikolai is a longtime activist in the Ruby, Clojure, and Piter United communities in St. Petersburg. He has been an evangelist of the FHIR® standard since 2013.


Gefyra GmbH, Germany
Simone Heckmann is CTO of Gefyra GmbH, CEO of Health-Comm GmbH and Board Member of HL7 Germany. She is working for one of the largest vendors of integration engines for hospitals and a company providing training and solutions to integrate FHIR with legacy systems. She is chair of HL7 Germany’s Technical Committee for FHIR. She has been involved in developing and testing V2 to FHIR mappings for several years and has held many FHIR training courses in Germany and abroad.


FHIR consultant with Firely, the Netherlands
Vadim helps customers implement FHIR during the day while pushing and expanding the borders of FHIR, in return picking up a lot of words in new languages he doesn’t know yet. After work, he lifts weights, writes FHIR servers, libraries, and websites and open-source MUD clients for fun while taking a getaway in a new European city every other weekend.


CEO of Health Samurai, USA
Pavel is a serial entrepreneur, FHIR® trailblazer and the CEO of Health Samurai. His company has developed Aidbox, a FHIR® backend that makes it easy to build enterprise healthcare applications. He started working in healthcare IT in 2004 and led the development and implementation of a cloud inpatient EHR at three hospitals in California. Health Samurai has been using the FHIR® standard in real projects since 2012, and is an active participant in the FHIR® community. Pavel's expertise spans across health IT, strategy, medical standards (including FHIR®), and modern cloud technologies.


Head of development department, Medlinx
«Experiance of migration
from STU3 to R4»
Alexandr is actively implementing the standard FHIR for internal and public API Medlinx projects, manages the translation of internal communication protocols of the customers to the FHIR standard. Takes an active part in the life of the world and Russian FHIR community involved in connectathon, performing on stages and popularity with the FHIR.


Team lead, Medlinx
«СППР implementation
on AidBox»
Supervises the development of systems decision support (DSS) in the Medlinx. Deals with the study and implementation of FHIR standards and CDS-hooks for integration of CDS with FHIR-servers.


A complete list of activities for two magic days in October is coming soon.
Day 1  |  Thursday 9, October
Morning coffee
Conference Introduction by Nikolay Ryzhikov
11:00 - 18:00
Deep dive into the FHIR.
Your FHIR presentation can be here, please contact us at: fs@health-samurai.io
Fire FHIR Afterparty
Day 2  |  Friday 10, October
Morning coffee
11:30 - 18:00
Deep dive into the FHIR.
Your rFHIR presentation can be here, please contact us at: fs@health-samurai.io


FHIRStarter conference is an excelent opportunity to meet and network with a growing and powerful FHIR community. To become a partner, please contact us at: fs@health-samurai.io
Health Samurai | Organizer

Health Samurai is a health IT company on a mission to make it easy to build great healthcare apps. To support this vision, they built Aidbox, the first enterprise FHIR backend on the market. Health Samurai has been developing complex technologies for clients in the healthcare industry since 2004.

Единый медицинский портал | Organizer

Emportal is a secure telemedicine platform and appointment service. They allow clinics, doctors, and patients to find each other and share medical information via secure communication channels.

Medlinx | Organizer

The company is engaged in the development of medical integration platform, CDS and the development of integration modules on the client side. Medlinx is actively implementing the standard FHIR for internal and public API Medlinx projects, manages the translation of internal communication protocols of the customers on the FHIR standard.



Low ticket prices are valid until August 25. Then the price will increase
up to 120$ for standard and 170$ for the ticket with the party.

FHIR®-STARTER Conference
basic ticket

Coffee, Lunches, Snacks, Refreshments


FHIR®-STARTER Conference
basic + entertainment

Coffee, Lunches, Snacks, Refreshments
Entertainment Program



Saint Petersburg, the "Venice of the North", is a renowned city with stunning European architecture, rich history, and endless entertainment.

Attending FHIR® STARTER is the perfect chance to enjoy this historic city while learning with FHIR experts. The cultural and intellectual capital of Russia will welcome you with its legendary  illustrious drawbridges and traditional hospitality.
Welcome to Saint-Petersburg.
Welcome to


13-Ya Liniya Vasil'yevskogo Ostrova, 70-72
The Museum of contemporary art ARTMUZA – is a unique place in the heart of St. Petersburg, enabling guests to fully experience the pulse of modern culture of St. Petersburg and to take in the atmosphere of creativity. For you:
roof with a summer terrace
4 gastronomic establishments
10 art-galleries with permanent exhibitions
live music in jazz and rock style